Medical and Healthcare Mediation is a voluntary and confidential conflict resolution process whereby an impartial third party, the mediator (or co-mediators), facilitate the relevant stakeholders in negotiating a mutually acceptable resolution. Medical and healthcare disputes are highly technical and specialised, that come with a mix of emotional and technical issues. At Mediation PLUS, our qualified mediators have the in-depth understanding of issues – legal, professional and ethical – necessary to effectively manage a diverse range of medical and health related matters.

In cases of medical disputes, patients frequently resort to suing their doctors simply to ascertain what actually took place and to obtain more information. There is then a clear divergence between the malpractice perspectives of the doctors, lawyers and patient.

Mediation has the advantage of getting all relevant stakeholders together prior to a trial that is often highly adversarial. For the families, this is extremely beneficial to clear up unanswered queries without resorting to potentially lengthy and costly litigation process. Early settlement through mediation is a faster and convenient way to resolve such disputes.

An early amicable settlement can also be effective and efficient for doctors and other healthcare professionals, who may wish to take the earliest available opportunity to communicate directly with the families after an incident has taken place without resorting to litigation that may impact on their professional reputation.

In short, medical mediation is an informal, inexpensive and expedient means for resolving medical malpractice disputes without litigation.

The experience of our mediators and their appreciation of the nuances of medical law and practice enable us to provide relevant parties with comprehensive solutions and strategies. Our mediators have been carefully selected for their special expertise and experience in resolving medico-legal disputes regarding patient care and management, medical negligence, professional conduct and ethics, professional standards and service quality, and medical fees.

At Mediation PLUS, we take on the role of an independent and neutral mediator, facilitate communication and help parties reach a mutually-acceptable solution. We have a team of dedicated mediators with extensive knowledge in advising individuals, medical institutions, professional associations and statutory boards on a broad range of medico-legal issues.