We are a Singapore-based firm specialising in mediation cases pertaining to Civil & Commercial, Workplace & Employment, Family & Divorce and Medical related issues.

What we bring to the table

MediationPlus offers specialist mediation services. Our accreditated mediators possess a wealth of experience in the areas of family, civil, commercial and medical mediation.

We aim to help people and companies resolve disputes quickly and confidentially in a cost-effective manner.

It makes sense to negotiate before going to court. Mediation can be the most painless and most efficient way to resolve disputes. It is quick, private, fair and inexpensive as compared to a lawsuit in Singapore.

Our Team of Mediators
Know more about our team of specialist mediators that are accreditated and experienced in this field.
Mediation Process
Understand more about the Mediation Process in Singapore and how it differs from a lawsuit.
it makes sense to negotiate before going to court.

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